Sports massage therapist using both hands manipulates knee of client lying face-up on massage table

When exploring the career of massage therapy, it quickly becomes apparent that there are many massage therapy specialties. As students progress through their training, a particular type of massage or work setting may appeal. Working massage therapists may become exposed to a particular specialty through professional networks or continuing education opportunities.

The Praxis Institute encourages students to explore a variety of treatment techniques and specialties in both of our massage therapy programs — therapeutic massage technician and advanced therapeutic sports and clinical massage. We provide practical hands-on opportunities to engage with massage therapy techniques and specializations so our students can develop their best career path in massage therapy.

The Place of Massage Therapy Specialties in Healthcare

The healing power of massage therapy specialties fits well with the practices of other healthcare professionals. Massage therapists may choose to work with athletic trainers and sports teams, chiropractors, exercise physiologists, home healthcare services, and physical therapists. It is also possible to choose massage therapy specialties that allow you to work on your own.

Here are just a few of the specialties massage therapists can consider:

As therapists work in the field, or during massage therapy training, they may recognize that they are drawn to a particular style of massage or working with specific areas of the body. Therapists may also find that they prefer working with certain types of clients, such as athletes or those recovering from traumatic injuries.

The work setting can also influence a choice of specialty. Some massage therapists prefer to work in a spa or salon, while others choose a single office. Therapists who work in clinical settings may enjoy the hustle and bustle of a hospital or working with medically minded colleagues.

Explore the Types of Massage Therapy at The Praxis Institute

Whatever area of massage a therapist chooses to work in, a basic understanding of human anatomy and massage techniques is necessary. Massage programs at The Praxis Institute offer students classes with experienced teaching staff in:

  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Massage theory and practice
  • Professional ethics
  • Florida Law

They learn how to protect themselves and their clients through hygienic practices, and particulars about Florida state laws related to massage therapy.

In addition to classwork, massage therapy students at The Praxis Institute must perform massage services with clients as part of the training. This can also be an excellent way to decide among massage therapy specialties.

Under the supervision of teaching staff, students perform full body massage, as well as of the face and neck, abdomen, and back. In the advanced massage program, students also perform deep tissue and neuromuscular massage, as well as therapies that address particular medical injuries or conditions.

The Praxis Institute offers continuing education opportunities for licensed massage therapists. A requirement for license renewals, these classes can introduce practitioners to massage therapy specialties to incorporate into their current practice, or perhaps spark a new career path.

Apply to Massage Therapy Programs at The Praxis Institute

It’s not necessary to decide which massage therapy specialties appeal to you before starting massage training. With campuses in Miami and Hialeah, Florida, The Praxis Institute offers classwork and practical training that will help you develop a better idea of your interests and talents related to massage therapy. For more information about our programs and the types of massage therapy, contact us today.