A student uses a laptop to apply for a healthcare job. As new students begin educational programs to find healthcare jobs, they can look to our Career Services Department for guidance and resources. An essential mission of The Praxis Institute is to provide quality healthcare training that leads to employment. As noted by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), job growth of 16 percent is projected in healthcare occupations between 2020 and 2030. To help students find appropriate entry-level positions in this robust healthcare jobs sector, the Career Services Department serves as a bridge for students between our training programs and an exciting new career.

We encourage all students to make an appointment with the Career Services Department. We want to meet you and introduce you to all the job-finding resources available, including career counseling and coaching, tools for finding employment, and strategies for career development. Students at both of our campus locations in the Miami, FL, area can access our services.

Assistance and Guidance for Healthcare Jobs

The Career Services Department at The Praxis Institute helps students find healthcare jobs. Initial meetings with students often focus on the interests, values, and personal strengths they bring to both their training program and job search. This helps map out potential career pathways and leads to the development of strategies for decision-making. Further assistance may be found in workshops, job fairs, and other events during semester sessions.

Another important element of the guidance that students receive in the Career Services Department is learning how to create resumes and cover letters. We help you develop a personal brand and advise you on how to best use social media platforms to aid your healthcare job search. Digital resources are available for finding potential employers, and we assist students with digital application processes.

Interviewing techniques are an important skill in today’s job market. We help students develop these skills for use in person, on the phone, and through video conferencing. This includes how to research potential employers and how to prepare for the interview, including practice interview sessions. Perhaps most importantly, we help students develop confidence and empower them to pursue and obtain healthcare jobs that fit their career goals.

Career Support and Development for Students, Graduates, and Alumni

For over 20 years, The Praxis Institute has been working with local employers who offer healthcare jobs. We’ve helped students and graduates apply for and obtain entry-level positions in their chosen fields. This network of potential local employers, successful job-seeking graduates, and alumni who have advanced along career pathways, sometimes leaving the local area, offers a powerful resource for students at The Praxis Institute.

Connections with graduates provide referrals, advice, information, and strategy to our current students and recent graduates. Our goal is to help graduates keep their current healthcare job as they continue to develop professionally. When our graduates are working in their healthcare fields, they often discover more about their own strengths and preferences, which may lead them to pursue more education or additional skillsets. The Praxis Institute provides continuing education resources for allied healthcare professionals who want to advance in their field and maintain license requirements.

Prepare for Your Healthcare Job at The Praxis Institute

The Career Services Department at The Praxis Institute doesn’t guarantee employment for its students and graduates, but we make every effort to provide comprehensive, personalized assistance along the way. With the excellent training our students receive at our campuses in Hialeah and Miami, FL, they are well-prepared with the knowledge, skills, and hands-on experience needed for success in healthcare jobs. By taking advantage of the resources available at the Career Services Department, students and graduates receive help with research, applications, and interviewing skills.

Become part of a network that will help you find healthcare jobs and develop your career goals at The Praxis Institute. For more information about how our Career Services Department can assist you, contact us today.

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