Therapist uses knuckles on back of prone client to provide deep tissue massageWhen massage therapists can offer clients multiple techniques and modalities, they are better able to serve their overall health. By learning how to practice deep tissue massage, therapists acquire valuable skills that promote well-being and the relief of pain.

The Praxis Institute includes this training in our Advanced Therapeutic Sports and Clinical Massage Program offered to students in the Miami, Florida, area. Discover why we include deep tissue massage in our massage school curriculum and how this skill can impact your career in massage therapy.

What Is Deep Tissue Massage?

Deep tissue massage is the practice of applying strong, targeted pressure to the inner layers of muscle groups and the surrounding fascia. In this way, the massage therapist can access the cause of painful muscle conditions and help alleviate that pain. There are many reported deep tissue massage benefits, including the reduction of back pain and high blood pressure.

To practice deep tissue massage, therapists need specialized training and a thorough understanding of the human body. They also need to develop the strength needed to sustain this type of massage therapy treatment. When performing this advanced massage therapy, therapists use sustained force, firm finger pressure, and slow stroking motions. Often required after traumatic injuries or surgery, these techniques help break down knotted muscle adhesions and scar tissue.

Deep tissue massage affects muscle fibers and tendons, helping clients move more freely. It relieves the deep muscle tension that can block healing after injury. And it helps reduce inflammation by increasing blood circulation. It is often recommended for musculoskeletal pains and sprains.

When Is Deep Tissue Massage Recommended?

This powerful massage technique is used to aid recovery from surgeries and chronic illnesses, as well as traumatic injuries, including these painful conditions:

  • Sciatica
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Muscle injuries and spasms
  • Poor posture and mobility

What Types of Clients May Benefit from Deep Tissue Massage?

While deep tissue massage is a technique that helps many different clients, it is often recommended for sports injuries. Professional and amateur athletes are helped to heal more quickly from injuries. Whether injuries occur during recreational activity or on the job, deep tissue massage can usually help.

Enhance Your Practice of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy promotes overall health, as well as the repair of muscle tissue after injuries. The Praxis Institute teaches several types of massage therapy techniques. Our advanced massage therapy program includes ultrasound, hydrotherapy, electrostimulation, and neuromuscular therapy in addition to deep tissue massage. The deep tissue massage course takes 45 clock hours to complete, and we devote that much time to it because it is an important skill for treating musculoskeletal injuries and conditions.

Learn Deep Tissue Massage at The Praxis Institute

Students in the Miami, Florida, area can take advantage of our experienced teaching staff to learn a multitude of massage techniques and practices. We are dedicated to the success of our students and offer a curriculum that prepares them with classroom learning and practical experience. The advanced massage therapy courses and program requirements are fully detailed in our catalog.

In addition to 750 clock hours of instruction, students are required to complete 115 services, or more, as part of the applied clinical training at our massage school. Graduates of this diploma program are prepared to complete either the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) exam or the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards (FSMTB) licensing exam (MBLEx) for massage therapy certification.

By offering competitive pricing, our massage school provides students with the opportunity to start an exciting and fulfilling career by investing in themselves. There are financial aid opportunities available for students who qualify. We also offer flexibility, with all theory classes available via online learning.

Another advantage to massage therapy programs at The Praxis Institute is our policy of enrolling students every week. You will not have to wait for the program to start; once you have applied to the program and have been accepted, you can start right away.

Prepare for Career Success in Massage Therapy

There are two convenient locations for our Advanced Therapeutic Sports and Clinical Massage diploma program in Miami and Hialeah, FL. During this rigorous course of study and practical experience, students are exposed to the different career paths possible with this training. By learning deep tissue massage and other massage therapy techniques, students may choose to focus on athletic injuries, work in a hospital, become self-employed, or find employment in a traditional spa environment. Explore your options for a career in massage therapy at The Praxis Institute. Contact us today.