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Title IX Compliance

Title IX Compliance Coordinator Contact Information

Miami Campus – Rebeca Alfie

Hialeah Campus – Flavio Alfie

Praxis Non-Discrimination Policy

TPI is committed to a policy of non-discrimination. This institution provides educational programs, activities, and employment to individuals without regard to the person’s race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy, gender identity, and sexual orientation), national origin, age, disability or genetic information.
The operation of its student aid programs is free from discrimination as required by Federal Law. In addition, the institution endeavors to remove barriers and provide educational and employment opportunities for handicapped persons.
This policy of non-discrimination applies to all students, employees, applicants for admission, employment and all participants in institutionally sponsored activities.

Title IX training materials

Institutional Plans

Campus Safety & Security Survey

Veteran’s Credit for Previous Education or Training

Students must report all education and training. The school must evaluate and grant credit, if appropriate, with the training time shortened, the tuition reduced proportionately, and the VA and student notified.

VA Pending Payment Compliance

In accordance with Title 38 US Code §3679 subsection (e), this school adopts the following additional provisions for any students using U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Post 9/11

Bill® (Ch. 33) or Vocational Rehabilitation& Employment (Ch. 31) benefits, while payment to the institution is pending from the VA. TPI will not:

  • Prevent the student’s enrollment;
  • Assess a late penalty fee to the student;
  • Require the student to secure alternative or additional funding;
  • Deny the student access to any resources (access to classes, libraries, or other institutional facilities) available to other students who have satisfied their tuition and fee bills to the institution.

However, to qualify for this provision, such students will be required to:

Provide the enrolling institution with a copy of his/her VA Certification of Eligibility (COE) – A “certificate of eligibility” can also include a “Statement of Benefits” obtained from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) website; eBenefits; or a VAF 28-1905 form, for chapter 31 authorization purposes.

Additional criteria to qualify for this provision are also required for such students and listed below:

  • No Other Requirements Other Than COE Submission.