Therapist applies electrodes to a client for electrostimulation treatment

Electrostimulation is used to reduce pain in a variety of injuries and conditions. Learn this valuable technique in the advanced therapeutic sports and clinical massage therapy program at The Praxis Institute. There are two campus locations in the Miami, Florida, area.

What Is Electrostimulation Massage Therapy?

Electrostimulation massage uses pulses of electrical stimulation that are therapeutically applied through the skin to target muscles and nerves. Therapists who have received specialized massage therapy certification can apply electrodes on a client’s body to administer treatment. The specific type of electrostimulation used depends on the goals of the treatment.

In this treatment, measured pulses of electricity are sent to specific areas of muscles or nerves. When combined with manual massage therapy techniques, the client can experience a significant reduction of muscle or nerve pain.

Studies also have shown that dual treatment with manual massage and electrotherapy can reduce muscle fatigue. This may be of great interest to people who want to improve athletic performance or are recovering from muscle injuries. If surgery or trauma has enforced inactivity during recovery, this type of electrostimulation may have benefits.

Electrostimulation Applications

A treatment plan that includes electrostimulation may be recommended for clients with inflammation, injuries, or painful conditions. Advanced massage therapy techniques can be combined with electrostimulation to increase muscle strength, relieve pain, or reduce inflammation.

What Types of Electrostimulation Are Available?

The two most common types of electrostimulation used in conjunction with massage are transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) and electrical muscle stimulation (EMS). These two types of treatment send a gentle electric current through the skin to either nerves or muscles.

The amount and duration of the pulse can be adjusted to meet the tolerance level of the client. The current usually is stronger with EMS, and it operates the muscle via stimulation, rhythmically contracting the muscles. TENS stimulates the inherent function of electricity in the nervous system; these pulses can help block nerve pain receptors by temporarily interrupting communication with the brain.

What Types of Clients May Benefit from Electrostimulation?

A wide variety of conditions merit electrostimulation and massage therapy. Practitioners who earn advanced massage therapy certification and have skill with electrostimulation techniques can help clients with the following:

  • Pain of arthritis and other joint conditions
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Back pain of various types
  • Inflamed nerves
  • Pain due to cancers and spinal cord injuries
  • Muscle trauma and weakness

This combination treatment also can help clients recovering from surgery or otherwise engaged in rehabilitative programs. Massage therapists who treat athletes may use these therapies to help build muscle strength, tone, and conditioning.

Why We Include Electrostimulation in the Advanced Massage Program

The Praxis Institute offers healthcare training programs in the Miami, Florida, area, including associate degree programs, such as occupational therapist assistant and physical therapist assistant. Students earn a diploma in our advanced massage program, and among the high-level skillsets taught in this course are deep tissue, neuromuscular, lymphatic drainage, ultrasound, laser, and electrostimulation massage.

Our experienced professional teaching staff provides hands-on experience in all these modalities so our students can confidently pursue their passion for massage. This allows graduates of our advanced massage therapy program to provide beneficial treatments for clients who are in pain and recovering from injuries, as well as those with painful medical conditions and athletes of all kinds.

Discover Your Career in Massage Therapy

The Praxis Institute offers students the opportunity to develop an exciting new career with programs that come at competitive prices and provide the flexibility needed to fit coursework into busy schedules. Learning advanced massage therapy techniques enables our graduates to choose the kind of massage career they want to pursue. This occupation is unique in that it allows practitioners to work independently, as well as within a healthcare or spa team. What’s more, the work can be fulfilling, as you help clients regain their health and mobility.

Take Advantage of Educational Resources at The Praxis Institute

The career services department at The Praxis Institute aids and guides students while they are in their programs, as well as after graduation. Whether you need help assembling a resume, practicing interview techniques, or networking to discover job opportunities, resources are available via our career professionals.

Financial aid programs are available to eligible students at The Praxis Institute. If you are interested in one of our healthcare training programs, including a career in massage therapy, find out whether the financial aid department can help you. Our short-term educational programs can help you start a new career in a job you love. Contact us today to learn more about what we teach at our campuses in Miami and Hialeah, FL.