A clinical massage therapist examines a client’s back If you have been investigating careers in massage therapy, you already know there are several types of massage. Clinical massage therapists have skills that treat clients for medical conditions and aid their recovery from traumatic injuries. Students in the Miami, Florida, area can learn advanced therapeutic sports and clinical massage at The Praxis Institute.

What Is Clinical Massage?

Clinical massage helps treat clients for specific medical conditions and traumatic injuries. Clinical massage therapists may work solo or as part of a healthcare team. At The Praxis Institute, students prepare themselves for potential careers in clinical massage, using advanced massage therapy techniques. These practitioners help clients recover from traumatic muscle injuries through their in-depth understanding of physiology and anatomy, as well as a varied arsenal of massage techniques. They also use pain-reducing massage techniques to help clients receive short-term relief from chronic pain. In addition, clinical massage therapists can teach clients modified self-massage techniques and strategies for pain relief at home.

Clinical massage therapists use techniques such as deep tissue, electrostimulation, ultrasound, neuromuscular, lymphatic drainage, and sports massage. By introducing targeted manual strokes and therapeutic devices, these healthcare professionals can provide treatment in coordination with medical practitioners. Individual practitioners also evaluate and treat their own clients.

Advantages Enjoyed by Clinical Massage Therapists

These valuable clinical skills are in demand. Clinical massage therapists work in the hospital environment, offices of chiropractors or physical therapists, and as independent entrepreneurs specializing in certain medical conditions. The benefits of these types of medical massage treatments are evident. Patients and medical practitioners increasingly value the contributions made by clinical massage therapists.

Therapists can choose to specialize in conditions that most interest them, through continuing education and clinical experiences. The profession offers mobility, as well, with well-trained clinical massage therapists able to find work in towns, cities, and states throughout the country. At the same time, training programs are relatively short-term, allowing practitioners to get started quickly in their new professions.

Clinical Massage Therapy Is a Rewarding Vocation

Relieving pain and helping patients recover and grow stronger provide consistent job satisfaction for clinical massage therapists. Through every massage therapy session, you help clients feel better, and this process encourages satisfaction and good feelings in the therapists, as well.

If you are interested in finding healthcare training where you can work one-on-one with clients to improve their lives, clinical massage therapy is a good choice. And if you would like to eventually work collaboratively with medical professionals in the healthcare sector, massage therapy is a respected and growing field.

Choose The Praxis Institute for a Career in Massage

There are two diploma programs in massage at The Praxis Institute. The advanced massage program allows admitted students to enroll every week, so there’s no waiting for the beginning of the semester to start massage school. We offer competitive pricing and there is built-in flexibility to the program, as all theory courses are taught online. You will find the experienced, dedicated teaching staff at The Praxis Institute provide students with excellent instruction. In addition, students are required to provide specified hours of hands-on treatments as part of the program.

Serving our students and graduates in the Miami area and beyond, our career services department provides resources for finding employment. We offer help with resume building, interview skills, and networking. Our strong connections with alumni are another avenue where students find encouragement and assistance in their job searches. For more information about the programs at our campuses in Miami and Hialeah, FL, contact us today.