What Makes Dental Assistant Jobs Popular? – The Praxis InstituteHave you seen listings for dental assistant jobs and wondered whether this would be a good career? There are quite a few reasons dental assistants love their jobs. If you are considering this career, it’s time to discover its many opportunities.

Students in the Miami, Florida, area can earn a diploma in the Dental Assistant program at The Praxis Institute. Here, we discuss the benefits that dental assistant jobs can bring.

Advantages Found in Dental Assistant Jobs

One of the many advantages of choosing a career as a dental assistant is the high level of employability this profession enjoys. Dentists and other dental professionals need qualified assistants as they perform procedures on their patients. They value the knowledge and experience that dental assistants bring to the practice, and this usually is reflected in the salary and benefits dental assistants receive.

Here are some other reasons that dental assistant jobs can be so fulfilling:

Working with a Variety of People

No matter which dental specialty is offered at the place of employment, patients usually vary quite a bit in age and background. They all need help with their oral health, and the dental assistant can help them be more comfortable, as well as increase the efficiency and efficacy of their procedures. In other words, most days dental assistants get to help people, and that usually feels pretty good.

Daily Activity and Movement

Dental assistant jobs are not sedentary. While there may be some administrative tasks performed as part of the job, this is well balanced by moving about the practice while they take x-rays, disinfect rooms and sterilize equipment, provide patient education, and provide chairside assistance to dentists, orthodontists, endodontists, and oral surgeons. The variety of tasks and the ability to move during the day keeps dental assistants healthy and happy.

Job Security and Opportunities for Advancement

As is the case for most healthcare training programs, graduates are prepared to start their careers as soon as possible. Dental assistant jobs are growing and an overall need for dentistry translates to employment for both dental professionals and assistants. What’s more, as dental assistants find a type of dentistry they enjoy, they can keep learning and advancing in their field. Exploring a career path adds excitement and possibilities to this in-demand occupation.

Career Mobility

Feeling that you have the freedom to move into a new position, town, or state is definitely a plus when considering dental assistant jobs. These skills are valuable and transferable, and the occupation provides opportunities for traveling to a new geographical area, or across town.

Earn a Diploma in Our Dental Assistant Program

The Praxis Institute has campuses in Miami and Hialeah, Florida. Our dental assisting program requires only 900 clock hours. We offer schedule flexibility with all theory components of the program offered online. However, the laboratory practice is taught in person at either of our campus locations. After students are accepted into the program, we enroll them in classes every week, so there’s no waiting until the end of the semester to start learning your new career. Our tuition prices are competitive, and financial aid is available to eligible students.

Achieve Career Success With The Praxis Institute

The dental assistant program includes a 120-hour externship. This is when our students go out into the community and work alongside dentists. They get practical, hands-on experience. This provides valuable networking and resume-building opportunities. In addition, our Career Services department works closely with students throughout their programs and provides resources and personalized assistance when it comes time for a dental assistant job search. For more information, contact us today.