Pharmacy technician smiles and holds paperwork against backdrop of shelves filled with pharmaceutical productsPharmacy technicians perform a variety of functions, depending on the type of organization they work in. In today’s healthcare and retail landscape, there are increasingly different types of work environments for pharmacy technicians. Find out more about this job role and the training required with The Praxis Institute. Our pharmacy technician program in the Miami, Florida, area prepares students for worthwhile and varied careers in this field.

What Do Pharmacy Technicians Do at Retail Stores?

As is the case with many healthcare occupations, the aging population in the U.S. is fueling demand for pharmacy technicians. Not only are replacements needed for retiring workers, but there are increasing needs for pharmaceutical therapies. This can be observed at local retail stores, many of which include busy pharmacies.

Under the supervision of licensed pharmacists, pharmacy technicians assist customers who need prescriptions filled. They may also help customers find over-the-counter products and ensure that their insurance companies are billed properly. This can involve communicating with medical practitioner offices and insurance company administrations. They count out pills and fill bottles, inventory pharmacy stock, and maintain hygiene and cleanliness in the pharmacy. Customer service skills, as well as pharmacy technician training, are required for working in a retail environment.

Organizations Where Pharmacy Technicians Work

In addition to retail store pharmacies, pharmacy technicians are found in several different clinical settings. They also perform administrative tasks related to healthcare. Here are some other types of organizations, companies, and settings where pharmacy technicians are employed.


The hospital pharmacy is integral to the medical care provided there. When patients are discharged, they often must take medications with them. When doctors prescribe less common medications or unusual dosages, the hospital pharmacy team must locate the medication.

Hospital pharmacists may be actively involved in determining the type and dose of medication for patients with chronic or unusual conditions. Hospital pharmacy technicians work in a fast-paced, demanding environment.

Mail Order Pharmacies

Increasingly, patients use the services of mail-order pharmacies for their convenience. They don’t have to travel to a neighborhood pharmacy, and the prescriptions may be directly billed to their insurance company.

Pharmacy technicians package quantities of medications and must exercise exacting accuracy. Medications must be mailed promptly so patients have what they need. The environment must be kept clean, as well, so that contamination of prescriptions does not occur.

Pharmacy Technician Training at The Praxis Institute

The Praxis Institute offers pharmacy technician training in our diploma program. It is accredited by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists and the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education. Students learn about infection control, pharmacy administration, sterile and non-sterile compounding, calculation of drug doses, and other key subjects. Courses are taught at both of our Miami area campus locations. Graduates can prepare to take the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam so they can pursue careers as registered pharmacy technicians.

Apply to Our Programs and Start Your Healthcare Career

There’s no need to wait to start training for your career as a pharmacy technician. The Praxis Institute offers weekly enrollments within our diploma programs. Learn about the concepts and principles that guide the work of pharmacy technicians, as well as the skills needed to perform tasks and duties. Work under the supervision of licensed pharmacists while helping people get the medications they need. For more information about our pharmacy technician program, contact us today.