Do you enjoy learning about the human body and want to pursue healthcare training? Then, it’s time to explore the skills and experience acquired in a physical therapist assistant program. A physical therapy assistant talks to a patient with an injured wristGuided by physical therapists and working with people of every age and physical condition, healthcare professionals are central to helping patients lead more active, healthy lives. Education at an accredited institution is the first step to becoming a physical therapy assistant. Learn more from The Praxis Institute, which offers an Associate in Science degree in our Physical Therapist Assistant program in the Miami, FL, area.

Job Roles and Duties for Physical Therapy Assistants

When visiting a physical therapist’s office for evaluation and treatment, clients usually are directed to work with a physical therapist assistant as they learn the prescribed exercises, postures, and activities. As a vital member of the physical therapy healthcare team, assistants allow the physical therapists to see more patients for evaluation and services that only they can provide. In addition, through working directly with clients, physical therapy assistants monitor and document their progress, assure that the treatments are performed correctly, and provide feedback to the physical therapist.

Just as physical therapists work in settings other than private practice, so do physical therapist assistants. For example, patients in hospitals and rehabilitation centers receive visits by physical therapy assistants to help them regain function after experiencing trauma or surgery. Home health agencies are another large employer of physical therapy assistants, who visit clients in their homes, helping them with prescribed exercise routines. They teach exercises and health habits that help clients keep a necessary level of fitness and ability, enabling independent living. These clients can range from individuals with a variety of disabilities, to those recovering from injuries, and the aging population.

There is a growing demand for graduates of physical therapist assistant programs, with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projecting a 32 percent increase in jobs through 2030. Demand is rising in fitness facilities, sports centers, nursing homes, hospitals, private offices, research programs, and schools. The healthcare sector is a growing part of the U.S. economy, with an increasing need for healthcare professionals who teach and perform administrative tasks.

Physical Therapist Assistant Program Training and Experience

How much training is needed to become a physical therapist assistant? The associate degree program at The Praxis Institute is offered on the Miami, FL, campus, and consists of 73 credits that are completed in five semesters, about two years. Selected courses in the catalog, such as English Composition, Anatomy and Physiology, College Algebra, and Speech Communication, are offered in a distance-learning format that uses the Internet and web conferencing platforms. The physical therapist assistant program also includes 12 credits — over 500 clock hours — of clinical, hands-on experience working with a licensed physical therapist.

After graduation, newly-trained physical therapist assistants are required to be licensed or certified where they want to work. This is accomplished by passing the National Physical Therapy Exam (NPTE) for physical therapist assistants, which is administered by the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy (FSBPT). Additional licensing requirements may be imposed, depending on the state where the physical therapist assistant has found employment. These healthcare professionals also may be required to take advantage of continuing education to maintain their licensure or certification.

Discover the Advantages of The Praxis Institute

The Praxis Institute provides students with teaching from outstanding faculty. The physical therapist assistant program offers flexibility, with some classes offered online. The program is competitively priced, and students have the opportunity to apply for financial aid. Graduates of the program have a 100 percent employment rate, with 73 percent of all graduating classes passing the NPTE Board Exam.

Apply to Become a Physical Therapist Assistant

Do you enjoy an active lifestyle and want to help other people do the same? The work of physical therapy assistants can be extremely fulfilling, with clients gaining mobility and independence right before their eyes. Join the ranks of these vital healthcare professionals, whose services are in high demand, by studying and training in the accredited physical therapy assistant program at The Praxis Institute, serving Miami, FL, and the surrounding area. For more information, contact us today.