Physical therapist assistant helps patient perform exercises for kneeIf you want a better job or feel that it’s time to change career paths, there are multiple, in-demand healthcare training programs from which to choose. One option is to enroll in a physical therapist assistant program, which will prepare you to provide services to clients under the supervision of a licensed physical therapist. The time investment for an associate degree is usually about two years of full-time attendance.

You can earn an associate in science degree for successful completion of five semesters in the Physical Therapist Assistant program at The Praxis Institute, with campuses in Miami and Hialeah, FL. Here, we explain what goes into becoming a physical therapist assistant.

Choose the Right Physical Therapist Assistant Program

Research healthcare training programs to find the right fit for your career move. Do you feel comfortable on campus? How qualified are the instructors? How is the curriculum structured, is there any flexibility? And how much will the program cost? To answer these questions, you can speak with admissions representatives, consult the catalog, explore financial aid options, and talk with currently enrolled students. Physical therapist assistants who are already working in the field might also have some good advice. Professional organizations, such as the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), are another useful source of information.

The Physical Therapist Assistant Program at The Praxis Institute

Our students are taught by experienced, professional faculty members. Our curriculum incorporates a strong focus on fundamentals, as well as new advances in the field. It includes classroom learning, supplemental labs, and hands-on sessions for practicing therapeutic exercises. In addition, hours spent in practical clinical service offer valuable experience and networking opportunities.

Many of the courses offered as general requirements are offered online, which builds in some schedule flexibility for students. We offer competitive tuition pricing, with financial aid options for eligible students. And the career services department offers students, new graduates, and alumni assistance and guidance when searching for employment.

Practical Clinical Experience and Licensure Requirements

Supervised clinical work completed as part of the physical therapist assistant program helps students understand what is required of them in workplace settings. This is a crucial aspect of the healthcare training program and assists students in meeting other healthcare professionals, observing different types of physical therapy, and networking for employment after graduation. Our program requires students to participate in a clinical experience at different levels as they move through their courses.

In addition to an associate degree, most states require physical therapist assistants to become licensed by passing a test. Students enrolled at The Praxis Institute are prepared to take a national exam through the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy, known as the National Physical Therapy Examination (NPTE). After completing an associate degree program, passing a licensure exam, and meeting any other standards required by the state in which you want to work, you will be ready to start your new career.

Typical Duties for Physical Therapist Assistants

Medical professionals often specialize in one system or part of the body, or by becoming experts in the use of a machine or other technology. Physical therapists may also concentrate their expertise, and since physical therapist assistants help these medical practitioners treat patients, roles and tasks may vary. However, here are the duties taught in most physical therapist assistant programs:

  • Observing and accurately recording patient data in the electronic health record
  • Assisting patients in performing prescribed exercises
  • Teaching patients how to use assistive devices, such as walkers, canes, or exercise equipment
  • Educating patients and families for better health post-treatment
  • Using specialized equipment to aid patient recovery

Start Building Your Career as a Physical Therapist Assistant

If you think a physical therapy assistant program might be the right healthcare training choice for you, reach out to our team at The Praxis Institute. You will find a supportive environment for learning this highly skilled and marketable profession. And by earning an associate degree, our students find better employment opportunities. Start your educational path with our caring and experienced instructors, in a well-respected and accredited physical therapist assistant program. Contact us today.