Person receiving back massage in spaWhen they think of a massage, most people tend to envision a relaxing back rub. This is because back massages are one of the most requested massage types. A back rub may seem like a simple thing, but it takes proper training to perform an effective back massage.

If you’re an aspiring massage therapist looking to learn all the basics of massage, consider enrolling in the Therapeutic Massage Technician program at The Praxis Institute.

Based in the Miami, Florida, area, The Praxis Institute provides academic programs in healthcare-related fields, like massage therapy, to prepare students for successful careers. Discover more about learning back massage at The Praxis Institute.

Back Massage Basics

A back massage is any type of massage that is performed on a person’s back. The back is one of the most requested areas of focus in massage services because many people hold tension and stress there or suffer from chronic back pain. There are many reasons people opt for a back massage, including:

  • Reducing back pain and soreness
  • Reducing tightness and tension
  • Relaxing the back muscles and body overall
  • Improving circulation
  • Relieving stress
  • Realigning the back muscles
  • Relieving headaches
  • Counteracting poor posture

These are just some of the benefits people receive from massages—and particularly back massages.

Back Massage Types

Although back massages are commonly asked for in households, in salons, they go by another name. Clients typically will ask for a specific type of massage and can then ask the therapist to focus solely on the back area. Some of the common massage types used to provide back massage services include:

  • Swedish massage: This is the most common massage type, involving relaxing muscle manipulation of the top layers of skin.
  • Deep tissue massage: This massage type is more intense and uses deep, direct pressure to target sore areas within the muscles.
  • Hot stone massage: This massage type uses heated stones on the back to target specific areas of muscles and provide pain and tension relief.
  • Trigger point massage: This massage type is like deep tissue massage with its deep, intense pressure, but it is focused only on the knotted areas of the muscles.

These are some of the most requested massage types for clients who want the massage focused on their back.

The Therapeutic Massage Technician Program at The Praxis Institute

People who want to be massage therapists should ensure they know the back massage techniques that will often be requested from them, as well as the anatomy of the body, spa etiquette, and business principles. One way for aspiring massage therapists to learn the skills necessary for entry-level careers in the industry is to complete the Therapeutic Massage Technician diploma program at The Praxis Institute. This program, based at our campuses in Miami and Hialeah, Florida, helps students prepare for their careers by having them complete:

Theory and Practice-Based Classwork

Students must complete 540 hours of theory and practice-based classwork through our online instruction. Courses teach crucial topics to know, including:

  • Human anatomy and physiology
  • Massage theory
  • Business principles
  • Florida State law
  • Professional ethics

This classwork provides students with a strong foundation of massage business practices and industry standards, helping them know what to expect once they’re licensed.

Applied Training

Students also must complete sixty services or more of applied clinical training, which refers to practicing massage skills on other people. The types of massage students learn in this program are:

  • Back massage
  • Face and neck massage
  • Hand and arm massage
  • Abdomen massage
  • Foot and leg massage
  • Full body massage

Students learn all these commonly requested massage techniques so they can focus on any area their future clients might request.

After students complete both parts of the program, they can apply for their Florida State License and complete the National Certification Examination for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB). Passing these assessments is required before students can start working as professionals.

Why Choose The Praxis Institute?

Since 1988, our mission at The Praxis Institute has been to teach students practical, adaptable skills that can prepare them for success in their careers. We demonstrate our commitment to our mission by offering high-quality healthcare training programs to people in the Miami, Florida, area as well as by providing students with:

These are just some of the ways that The Praxis Institute shows our dedication to our students. To learn more, read through our frequently asked questions.

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