Pharmacy technician checks IV medication with healthcare professional in clinic setting

Not all pharmacy technicians work behind the counter at local drug stores. Although some of the duties assigned at local retail pharmacies may surprise you. The work opportunities and levels of responsibility offered to well-trained pharmacy technicians are varied. If you are interested in healthcare training for the pharmaceutical field, it’s worth discovering some of the more unusual places and job roles held by these essential workers. The Praxis Institute offers a pharmacy technician program for students in the Miami, Florida area.

Career Choices After Pharmacy Technician School

Pharmacy technicians may find jobs in less common settings, such as in specialized medical units within hospitals, for example, pediatric wards or areas for cancer patients. They can also choose the opposite and handle a wide variety of medications within a small community hospital pharmacy. They may choose to work for a pharmacy that offers pharmaceutical compounding and help mix medicines for individual patients or to treat rare diseases.

Pharmacy technicians may also work in veterinary clinics, prisons, military bases, or in the pharmaceutical sales industry. To get a more complete pharmacy technician career overview, here are some other examples:

Mail Order Pharmacies

When patients order their medications by mail, these are often sent regularly. Separate pharmacy operations handle these needs and may be independently owned, or part of a managed care company. The work is often fairly independent and may offer work during daytime or evening shifts. Well-trained pharmacy technicians who carefully check prescriptions, as well as their output, are in demand.

Infusion Centers

These are becoming more common, both for treating chronic diseases and conditions, as well as for providing vitamins and other supplements to a growing cadre of health-conscious customers. These positions may be in hospital settings, outpatient clinics, or wellness centers.

Research Team

Pharmacy technicians can play a part in important drug studies to help alleviate symptoms or cure diseases. With specialized training, they can also work in the laboratory with scientists to help determine compounds and dosages.

These positions are often located in academic settings, such as universities or medical schools, but are also found in smaller, independent research centers. These pharmacy professionals may be part of teams engaged with writing research papers, or work within drug companies to help improve medications before distribution.

Administrative Functions

Health insurance companies, medical records systems, and public health institutions all need to keep accurate records of pharmaceutical prescriptions, dosages, and outcomes. The trained eye of pharmacy technicians can assist with making sure that data is accurate. They can also assist with billing practices and authorization systems to help confirm patients are getting the exact medications and dosages they need.

Pharmacy Technician Program at The Praxis Institute

In our diploma program for pharmacy technicians, admitted students can enroll every week and begin their training. Our experienced instructors are helpful and competent. And the program is designed to deliver employable skills in a flexible, encouraging environment. After graduation, we offer Program Reviews for students who want to take the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam, and those who pass this examination can become certified and registered pharmacy technicians. The Pharmancy Technician Program at The Praxis Institute is accredited by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) and the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE)

In addition, our program accommodates students who want to become certified as compounded sterile preparation technicians with a shorter training period. Students who work in that field for only one year after graduation are qualified to take a specialized exam for board certification.

Enroll in Healthcare Training Programs in the Miami, FL Area

We offer several healthcare training programs at competitive prices, including, dental assistant, therapeutic massage technician, and physical therapist assistant. The Praxis Institute has two campus locations in the Miami, Florida area and offers financial aid to students who qualify. Our programs are taught by experienced teaching staff, and students can maintain flexible schedules to pursue an education while managing other life responsibilities. For more information about our pharmacy technician program and our graduates’ success in finding work after completing our programs, contact us today.