Healthcare professionals attend continuing education seminar Healthcare is one of the most complex, growing sectors in the United States economy. Advancing quickly through research and technological breakthroughs, healthcare is an area where continuing education for workers is encouraged and required. Professionals, practitioners, therapists, and assistants perform vital roles and stay current in their respective fields with continuing education courses and programs. The Praxis Institute offers continuing education programs for several healthcare professions in the Miami, FL, area.

Open Career Doors With Professional Development

The Praxis Institute offers competitive pricing and flexible scheduling on continuing education programs for physical therapist assistants, occupational therapist assistants, therapeutic massage technicians, and advanced massage therapists. By taking advantage of continuing education opportunities, these medical professionals can obtain certifications, maintain licensure requirements, and develop specialized skills.

Hardworking healthcare workers who choose advanced education demonstrate their passion for the work and their interest in pursuing advanced positions. They can rise through the ranks and contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of their healthcare workplace. They may also become teachers and mentors to those starting in the profession. And continuing education always carries the possibility of health improvements for individual clients.

Continuing Education Helps You Avoid Burnout

Increasing demands are being placed on the U.S. healthcare system. Factors include the demands of an aging population, new medical technologies that effectively treat more illnesses, and the rise of new global epidemics and infections. When facing these challenges, a greater chance of health worker burnout develops. Continuing education is one way medical professionals can take a break from day-to-day demands and re-focus attention on their field, learning about new developments, expanding skills, and re-discovering the reasons they first joined the ranks of healthcare professionals.

Meet Your Continuing Education Requirements in a Beautiful Destination

Whether you are a graduate of programs at The Praxis Institute, work in another state, or travel from another country, the Miami, FL, area is an attractive place to earn continuing education credits. You can also enjoy the climate, multicultural opportunities, beautiful scenery, and amenities available in the Miami area. Our excellent instructors offer programs at our campus locations in Miami and Hialeah, FL, and these courses will help you meet membership requirements for your professional organizations, remain current with licensing, and network with other professionals. Courses are offered throughout the year, in both English and Spanish.

Continuing Education for State of Florida License Renewals

Continuing education classes at The Praxis Institute assist physical therapist assistants, occupational therapist assistants, and massage technicians and therapists in obtaining credits that meet the requirements for licensing and renewals in Florida. If you do not live or work in Florida, please check the continuing education requirements for compliance in your state or country. Our courses, taught by experienced professionals, are designed to improve knowledge and skills, widen perspectives, and teach the latest in managerial and technological advances.

Healthcare Programs at The Praxis Institute

The Praxis Institute’s mission has always been to provide quality education and training that leads to employment and career development. As the health economy continues to expand, there are many opportunities for graduates of our diploma and associate degree programs. In a relatively short time, it is possible to gain marketable, employable skills in a variety of healthcare professions.

If you are interested in helping people improve their health, live fuller lives, and recover from injuries and illnesses, healthcare occupations may be for you. Explore programs at The Praxis Institute. Many students qualify for financial aid, and our career services staff is available to help students, graduates, and alumni start new jobs and expand their careers.

Discover Continuing Education at The Praxis Institute

As recent graduates take advantage of the continuing education available to them at The Praxis Institute, they can advance their positions, expand their clientele, and attain professional success. Networking with other professionals in your chosen field is one of the best ways to discover new possibilities and career opportunities. And staying up to date with skills and knowledge of technological innovations is important to employers, entrepreneurs, and clients. Forge new connections with continuing education programs at The Praxis Institute. Contact us for more information today.