If you are planning to pursue a career in the field of occupational therapy, you would have to start researching on the best occupational therapy school Miami. It is the occupational therapist’s task to assist patients for them to enhance or improve their ability to be able to accomplish their daily routines. Most of these patients have physical and developmental issues that make them unable to function in certain areas. It’s not only the skills required that patients are assisted in by occupational therapists; they are also helped in creating compensation skills too. Usual skills that are taught by occupational therapists are how to dress by themselves and also how to use the computer to perform their jobs. Often there’s adaptive equipment used such as wheelchair, orthotics, and also other aids for eating and dressing by themselves.

Physical Therapist Assistant

To get ready for occupational therapy school, it is necessary for those who are in high school to get subjects that are heavy in science. Topics in the social sciences are also critical. It would also help a lot for the individual to take advantage of volunteer opportunities.

The same things are also required for those who like to pursue physical therapy. When in search of a physical therapy school, it’s necessary to find one that has been accredited by CAPTE or Commission on Accreditation of Physical Therapy Education and other equivalent accreditation boards in your area.

It’s also important to acquire a post-graduate degree in physical therapy. The general graduate physical therapy programs last three years. It involves professional externships and also clinical rotations for students to gain hands-on on the job training before they attain their graduate degree. After that, they would also be required to take licensing exams that needed for employment. Most importantly, spend the time to look for the best-qualified school to enroll in whether you are planning to pursue physical therapy or occupational therapy.