Occupational therapist assistant and young client work on game skills in a therapy room

Occupational therapy can be life-changing. Clients of all ages are shown how to regain strength, learn new ways of doing things, and resume their professions as tasks that seemed too difficult or painful are addressed. Occupational therapist assistants (OTAs) are rewarded with daily inspiration and satisfaction. In the Miami, Florida, area, you can prepare for occupational therapist assistant jobs by earning an associate degree from The Praxis Institute.

Occupational Therapist Assistant Is One of the Best Healthcare Support Jobs

The role of the occupational therapist assistant has been ranked as the No. 1 health care support job. Working as part of a healthcare team, these professionals experience a high degree of work-life balance. This is patient, deliberate work, and the environment is relatively low-stress compared to other healthcare occupations.

Continuing education and training help occupational therapist assistants stay current with new developments in the field. As certified healthcare professionals, they are highly employable, as well. Occupational therapy jobs are expected to grow by 25% per year for the next decade.

Discover a Job You Love

If you like working one-on-one with people in a compassionate, supportive environment, consider becoming an occupational therapist assistant. Here are a few of the many reasons this healthcare role is so loved by its practitioners:

  • Working with a wide variety of clients, with differing ages, backgrounds, professions, and problems
  • Improving the lives of others every day on the job
  • Learning and using new technologies and applications
  • Developing important skills for working effectively within a healthcare team
  • Increasing professional responsibilities gained through on-the-job experience
  • Scheduling flexibility
  • Collaborating with other healthcare practitioners

Join a Respected Healthcare Profession

There are other benefits to becoming an occupational therapist assistant. The training required is relatively fast. Our training program at The Praxis Institute consists of 75 credit hours (about 1,870 clock hours), which includes introductory college classes in English, algebra, and psychology, as well as rigorous courses in anatomy, therapeutic techniques, and treatment planning. The program is designed for flexibility, with many of the introductory classes and labs taught online. Hands-on classes are held at our Hialeah campus.

The program includes required fieldwork experiences. Serving in the community with professional occupational therapists, students get the benefit of working with different client groups and specialties. This is also an excellent opportunity for networking that can lead to future occupational therapist assistant jobs. The experienced teachers at The Praxis Institute work closely with our students, preparing them for these real-world work experiences, and helping them use what they learn.

Students are prepared to sit for the national certification exam after graduation. Depending on the state in which they plan to work, occupational therapist assistant licenses usually are based on the results of this certification exam. A career as an occupational therapist assistant can provide lifelong satisfaction or serve as a springboard to becoming an occupational therapist or entering other healthcare fields.

The Occupational Therapist Assistant Program at The Praxis Institute

Students enrolled in our occupational therapist assistant program can earn an associate degree. The Praxis Institute offers competitive pricing for all our educational programs, along with excellent instruction conducted by expert professionals. Once accepted for admission, students have the choice to enter the associate degree program at two different times during the year.

We offer a flexible, supportive environment for learning. And our career services department offers assistance and guidance to help our students find, apply, and interview for occupational therapist assistant jobs, which has helped many graduates obtain positions in their chosen fields. For more information about this program and the others we off at our campuses in Miami and Hialeah, FL, contact us today.