Body Mechanics For a Long, Pain-Free Career – 12 CE’s


Monday, August 12: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM


The Praxis Institute – Main Campus


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Instructor:  Iris Burman, LMT, CNMT

Iris is the co-founder and director of Educating Hands School of Massage for its first 37 years, teaching and providing holistic bodywork for over 40 years.  She is the coauthor of “TouchAbilities”, a pre-eminent method of teaching and learning massage.  Iris has developed and taught every subject in the school curriculum, supporting thousands of therapists in developing a holistic approach to bodywork while establishing good body mechanics to extend the length and quality of their careers.

About the Class:

Are you tired at the end of a day of giving massage?  Do you have pain or discomfort in your hands, thumbs, arms, neck and/or back? Do you want to have a long, pain-free career?

hen you need to improve the way you use your body and create new habits for success and long career.  The secret is to learn how to use an integrated body exerting the least amount of effort to get the most results.

We all do it- learn great skills and develop lasting habits.  Unfortunately, some of these habits make your back, thumbs, forearms or overall body hurt after treating your clients.  If this is true for you, it is time to get a TouchAbilities Body Mechanics tune-up to help you erase your pain!  This course will support you to review your positioning, correct bad habits and learn effective self-care techniques.

No matter what modalities you blend and weave into your practice, how you manage your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self will be reflected in the quality of your touch, your overall health and the number of years you successfully work in the field.

A must-do course for any bodyworker who wants to have a lifelong and injury-free career.

Take this class if you want to:

  • Generate stamina on a day-to-day basis
  • Promote longevity for the life of your career
  • Develop more sensitivity to your client’s needs
  • Support the effective & precise application of techniques
  • Evolve & refine your skills with greater subtlety and control
  • Prevent strain and pain for both you and your clients
  • Weave more “fun” and “play” into your sessions

Class Dates and Time: F

Friday, August 12th from 10am-5pm and Sunday, August 25 from 10am-5pm




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