Associate Degree in Biomedical Technology (Medical Equipment Technology)

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What is Biomedical Technology (Medical Equipment Technology)? What does a Biomed (Medical Equipment Technician) do?

Biomedical technology is a medical field that utilizes engineering and technology for designing, operating, calibrating, testing and maintaining medical devices seeing in hospitals, medical clinics, and laboratories.

If you enjoy helping others in need and you have always been interested in technology, the Biomedical Technology (Medical Equipment Technology) might be a career path that you may enjoy. Combine your desire to improve the lives of others with your technical skills in the Associate Degree in Biomedical Technology (Medical Equipment Technology) at The Praxis Institute. This is a program that will help you to prepare for a career where you can become a vital member of the medical community. Sound like a good fit for you? Learn more now!

Medical Equipment Techicians are a highly skilled electromechanical technicians who ensures that the medical equipment is safe, fully functional and properly configured to utilize on patients in hospitals and clinical settings. BMETs install, inspect, maintain, repair, calibrate, modify, design and support medical equipment systems located at Operating Rooms, Intensive Care Units, Labs, etc. to adhere to medical standard guidelines

As a Medical Equipment Technician, you can choose a variety of jobs within the medical field. Medical Equipment Technician can work as:

  • Medical Equipment Technician for manufacturers of medical equipment
  • Medical Equipment Technician in Hospitals or Biomed companies
  • Managers
  • Trainer- training medical staff and doctors
  • Medical sales
  • Own your own Biomed (Medical Technology) business

About the Program

The Associate’s Degree Program in Biomedical Technology (Medical Equipment Technology) is designed to prepare students to seek a variety of entry-level positions in the field of Medical Equipment Technology. The program consists of 21 months classes in the learning of the basic engineering principles and technical skills necessary to properly maintain diagnostic and life support equipment in the health and medical fields. Students undergo training in electronics and computer technology, with a special emphasis on medical device applications, operations, and procedures. This program includes instructional classes in electronics, computer knowledge, instrument calibration, design, installation, testing, maintenance of medical equipment and medical device safety. The general education component of the program prepares students to have a critical thinking in preparation for taking on leadership positions in the biomedical field. The program also prepares students to take the test to become a Certified Biomedical Technician (CBET) by AAMI Credentials Institute (ACI).

Upon successful program completion, graduates should be able to:

  • Utilize wiring diagrams and schematic drawings to perform repair and maintenance on medical equipment and computers.
  • Demonstrate the ability to troubleshoot, perform preventative maintenance, calibrate and repair medical equipment and computers.
  • Perform as ethical professionals in the field of study, exhibiting sound reasoning and effective communication in an increasingly diverse world.
  • Demonstrate familiarity with basic human anatomy, standard medical practices, routine medical procedures, and basic safety procedures.

Completion Rate

Number of students who completed program in last award year: 0 Number of these students who completed within the normal time: 0 Percentage of students completing within the normal time: 0% Job Placement Rate: Of the total number of students above who graduated from this program in the last award year and who were eligible for employment, 0% were placed in jobs in the field or/in a related field of employment. Median Loan Debt of Students Completing the Program: Median amount of Title IV loan debt incurred for all students completing the program within the last award year: $20,000 Median amount of private loan debt incurred for all students completing the program within the last year: $120.00 Median amount of loan debt incurred to the institution for all students completing the program within the last year: $ 0

Program Outline Courses

ENC 101
Composition I*
3 45
ENC 102
Composition II*
3 45
SPC 100
Basic Speech and Communication*
3 45
HSC 103
Introduction to Psychology*
3 45
HSC 100
Anatomy and Physiology I (+lab)*
3 60
HSC 102
Anatomy and Physiology II (+lab)*
3 60
HSC 110
Medical Terminology*
3 45
MAT 100
College Algebra*
3 45
ELE 100
Introduction to Biomedical Equipment Technology
3 45
ELE 101
Fundamentals of Electronics I (+lab)
3 60
ELE 102
Fundamentals of Electronics II(+lab)
3 60
ELE 103
Fundamentals of Electronics III (+lab)
3 60
ELE 131
Solid State Electronics I (+lab)
3 60
ELE 132
Solid State Electronics II (+lab)
3 60
ELE 221
Computer Repair: Systems and Software (+lab)
3 60
ELE 222
Computer Repair: Hardware Applications (+lab)
3 60
ELE 251
Biomedical Equipment Instrumentation I (+lab)
3 60
ELE 252
Biomedical Equipment Instrumentation II (+lab)
3 60
ELE 253
Biomedical Equipment Instrumentation III (+lab)
3 60
ELE 295
Biomedical Externship1
3 135
ELE 296
Biomedical Externship2
3 135
TOTAL 63 1305

* Courses offered online

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